Sightings Update October 13, 2017

Highlights: Vermillion Flycatcher Pomarine Jaeger Sabine’s Gull Harris’s Sparrow       As far as vagrants go so far this season, the show has been stolen by flycatchers at the waterbird count. First the Say’s Phoebe, then the tropical kingbird and now the Point’s first Vermillion Flycatcher on 10/8. Thankfully it behaved like the Say’s and put on […]

Recent Sightings October 3, 2017

Highlights: Tropical Kingbird Loggerhead Shrike      Although overall activity has generally been slow, the continuing periods of warm weather and frequent southerly winds have produced a couple notable sightings. The Point’s first Tropical Kingbird was observed on September 22. It took some work to relocate this bird after it was originally seen from the […]

Sightings 9/10-9/17

Highlights: Yellow-headed Blackbird Parasitic Jaeger      While there has been some decent activity around the Point over the last week, it certainly has been far from the best the Point has to offer at this time of year. We just went through an extended period of unseasonably warm weather and unfavorable winds that were […]

Sightings 9/1-9/9

Highlights: Say’s Phoebe Yellow-headed Blackbird Red-headed Woodpecker       Although the weather in early September has, for the most part, been very pleasant, the overall weather patterns this month have unfortunately not been great for migration. That said, we have recently had some good days and a few rarities. A Say’s Phoebe was seen from […]

Birdathon Results!

Here is the moment you have been waiting for- the results of the WPBO 2017 Birdathon are in! The WPBO staff, along with our good friend and volunteer Elliot Nelson scoured Chippewa County last Saturday the 27th for as many species of birds as we could find to raise money for the research programs here […]