The Season has Begun!

Greetings from Whitefish Point! We are excited to be kicking off WPBO’s 38th year of spring migration research! Of course, it doesn’t feel too much like spring just yet with several feet of snow on the ground, lake ice as far as the eye can see, and temperatures dipping below zero Fahrenheit. But thankfully we […]

Sightings Report Oct. 19, 2016

Highlights: Pacific Wren, Green-tailed Towhee (photo above), Purple Sandpiper, Sabine’s Gull & Long-tailed Jaeger         Things have really picked up at the Point and we’ve been spending a lot of time in the field. While the Pacific Wren is the most interesting sighting, it is also the most complicated. Identifying Winter/Pacific Wrens by plumage is very difficult, if […]

Update 10/11

Highlights: Pacific Loon, Sabine’s Gull,  Red & Red-necked Phalaropes and Grasshopper Sparrow        After an extended period of easterly and southerly winds, a short period of west and north winds finally stirred things up a bit bringing some excitement to the Point. As per usual, many of the recent highlights came from the waterbird […]

Sightings 10/4

Highlights: Lesser Black-backed Gull & Northern Goshawk         Well, we had to work a few things out to get the blog going again, so thank you for your patience. Before getting to the more recent sightings I should mention two of the highlights so far this season. A Townsend’s Solitaire was found […]

Our Plover Chicks Have Hatched!

Over the fourth of July weekend, the Piping Plover chicks at Whitefish Point hatched! Sara Harrington is providing short presentations on the life history and recovery efforts of this endangered species. The presentations will be followed by a walk out to the beach to try to spot Whitefish Point’s own Piping Plover pair and their […]

Whitefish Point sightings for May 13-21

Greetings! This is the Whitefish Point sightings summary for May 13-21st. It’s safe to say that the weather has not been our friend this month.  Primarily north winds have continued until the 18th, and last weekend had some snow every day! Migration for most species has been slow, certainly slower that what should be expected […]

Whitefish Sightings Report for May 6th-12th

Greetings! This is the weekly summary of Whitefish Point sightings for May 6-7th. Again (and again and again….) the winds haven’t been exactly favorable for migration, but the birds still continue to arrive. While the waterbirds and the hawks haven’t been exactly gangbusters, we all have been pleased by the return of neotropical migrants to […]

Eurasian Tree Sparrow (5/9)

While not completely unexpected, the manner in which Whitefish Point gained it’s 8th record of Eurasian Tree Sparrow was a bit of a surprise. This afternoon when out at the waterbird count with Louie Dombroski, I heard an odd nasal chirping from overhead, and upon seeing the source, was amazed to see that there was […]

Piping Plovers have arrived!

The first Piping Plover sighting of 2016 took place on May 6 when visiting Traverse City birder Pat O’Connor found one while walking the beach. I saw what I presumed was the same bird on the beach the following morning. I was a bit concerned when I saw it in flight later in the afternoon […]