2016 Fall Waterbird Count

The fall waterbird count at Whitefish Point kicked off on August 15th. The count has had it’s ups and downs. August was well above average in terms of numbers but the south winds to start September, have slowed migration. The August highlights included a flock of 5 Stilt Sandpiper (which tied the season record, in one flock) and a Dickcissel. Grebes, ducks, and loons all showed well and in good diversity.

Stilt Sandpipers

Stilt Sandpipers

The shorebirds (and Common Terns) yesterday (9/6) broke up the slowness of September. Unfortunately, t-storms throughout the morning limited the amount of time I was able to be out there. But between storms, we had a really nice list that included:
Black-bellied Plover (10)
American Golden-Plover (8)
Semipalmated Plover (4)
Whimbrel (7)
Ruddy Turnstone (14)
Sanderling (24)
Baird’s Sandpiper (1)
Least Sandpiper (2)
White-rumped Sandpiper (13)
Buff-breasted Sandpiper (1)
Pectoral Sandpiper (23)
Semipalmated Sandpiper (17)
Short-billed Dowitcher (7, this flock tied the season record)
Lesser Yellowlegs (1)

For daily numbers from the count check ebird. Also, look for much more frequent updates on this blog!

-Eric Ripma