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WPBO has three blog categories to help separate the different program updates: Recent Sightings, Migration Counts, and Owl Banding. Learn more about WPBO’s blogs below:

Image shows a Piping Plover chick standing on a pebble strewn beach. Image has the words "Recent Sightings" in white text. WPBO's blogs. Photo copyright Chris Neri.

Recent Sightings

This blog category is is your go-to for sightings up at the Point. This includes vagrants and rare species that have been spotted. The unique juxtaposition of land and water at the Point brings funnels many birds through WPBO. Over 340 species have been identified at the Point, so be sure to check this blog for regular updates!

 Image shows a far away photo of migrating Mergansers and Scaup ducks across a clear blue sky at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. Image has the text "Migration Counts" in white letters in the top left hand corner. WPBO's blogs. Photo copyright Chris Neri.

Migration Counts

Seasonal staff at WPBO conduct two waterbird counts a year in the Spring and Fall and a Spring raptor count. During the seasons, counts are conducted daily. Raptor counts run March 15-May 31 from 8am-4pm. Waterbird counts run April 15-May 31 and August 15-November 15, 8 hours starting at dawn daily during each season. The “hawk deck” and waterbird count site where the counts take place are accessible to the public, but you can also subscribe to this blog to get regular updates during the counting seasons!

Image shows a closeup of a Great Grey Owl looking directly at the camera. Image has the text "Owl Banding" in white letters. WPBO's Blogs. Photo is copyright Skye Haas.

Owl Banding

WPBO has run seasonal owl banding for for over two decades. Currently, there are three seasonal owl bandings: spring, summer, and fall. Owl banding runs nightly from in the Spring from March 15-May 31, in the Summer from July 1-August 25, and in the Fall from September 15-October 31. Check this blog during the owl banding seasons to learn about the nightly banding and to see photos of the owls banded!