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Owl Banding

The Point is a hotspot for owl migration, from Northern Saw-whets to Boreal Owls and more.

Owl Update 8/4/19

Well, we keep plugging away. We've been able to band all 35 nights of the season so far, and we are admittedly wearing a bit thin some nights. Thankfully, it has been a relatively cool summer and the mosquitoes have not been too bad recently. As is expected at this time of the season, the [...]

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Owl Update 7/20/19

Although the juvenile Saw-whets have become more regular since our last post, we are still waiting for them to pick up more. The weather conditions have not been great for migration, but we have banded all 19 nights since we started.The highest nightly total for juveniles so far has been four, on both the 11th [...]

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Owl update 7/12/19

The first juvenile Saw-whet of the season. Well, despite getting a Northern Saw-whet and two Long-eareds on the first net check of the season, we have had a relatively slow start to the summer season. We started on July 1 and have banded 30 Saw-whets and three Long-eareds so far. The first two [...]

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Owl Update 5/20/19

We unfortunately do not have a whole lot to report in regard to the owl migration. The weather continues to limit our efforts and the owls have been slow when we have been able to open. The Northern Saw-whets have continued to be steady, but in very low numbers. We had decent success with Long-eared [...]

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Owl Update 4/29/19

Despite the fact that our nightly efforts continue to be regularly interrupted by high winds and/or mixed precipitation, things have picked up a bit since our last update.  Aside from a couple of nights when nightly Northern Saw-whet numbers got up into the teens, we continue to be somewhat disappointed by the overall Saw-whets numbers [...]

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Owl Update 4/18/19

Well, we've been going through a period when the nights have been fairly productive, but we keep on waiting for things to open up a bit, which they have yet to do. Northern Saw-whets continue to move through in relatively small numbers and the Long-eareds have started to become a bit more regular. To date, [...]

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Owl Update 4/07/19

It's still early in the season and the weather patterns have been erratic enough that we still don't have a real sense of the season's owl migration, but we've had decent results so far. March was pretty good for Northern Saw-whet Owls (NSWO). In previous years March has produced extremely varying results in regard to [...]

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Start of the Owl Banding Season

After a particularly cold February and start to March we have experienced some periods of better weather during the start of the season. Despite fairly good conditions during the first two nights that we were able to open the nets, the first two nights produced zero owls and we were quickly dreading a potentially very [...]

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Fall banding wrap-up

Hello all: The banding season official came to a close on October 31.  Since our last post on October 22, we added 11 Northern Saw-Whet Owls to our season totals.  The biggest push for these birds came on the night of October 24 with 7 owls banded. In total this season we banded: 1 American [...]

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October 13-22

Hello all: Since our last post the weather has once again showed us who is boss, keeping us closed 5 out of the last 9 days.  Last night, October 21, was the first night we were able to run a full night of net checks since the end of September.  While it was a slower [...]

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