Spring Owl Banding Beginning

Chris and I are very happy to be back here at WPBO for our 13th and 16th springs, respectively…good grief, that is a long time! Anyway, this year there is quite a bit of snow in the woods, leading us to believe that it is still winter as we click into our skis & snowshoes […]

End of Season

The owl season ended for us here at Whitefish Point on the night of October 30th. Although, I am sure there will be more owls moving through the area, which is pretty frustrating considering on the night of October 29th we ended up catching 4 Boreal owls! That brings the Boreal owl season total up […]

Another Boreal

We had a better stretch of weather the last few nights which led to some better nights of netting. The last two nights treated us to some calm north winds.  We even had a chance to see the stars for the first time in a long time it seemed. The last two nights we were […]

1st Boreal Owl!

We have been trying not to get to upset about the rough stretch of rainy/windy weather. After the first 21 days we only had 2 nights off, and then over the next 14 days we have had 6 nights off due to rain and/or windy conditions. The first three weeks of the season produced some […]

Windy nights

It has been really tough to get quality netting hours in the last few nights due to wind and rain. We have only been able to open nets 3 of the last 6 nights, and strong winds look to continue through Saturday night. Luckily the winds look to be slowing down for Sunday, setting up […]

Warm fall nights…

On Sunday Raina and I got stuck mediating a debate of our own…between two Barred Owls. It was quite a raucous, nobody could figure out who was cooking for who. Both owls were pretty adamant they were “cooking for all.” It was just a chaotic seen (actually both owls were pleasantly calm for barreds)!   […]

Night-time critters

Sometimes it feels like a completely different world being out here in the darkness; very dream-like. You get to see things and hear things you might not always see or hear when the sun is up which of course helps us stay awake. These night-time critters that occasionally greet us are fascinating, to say the […]

Fall Owl Banding 10/3/16

The fall owl banding season is well under way after opening nets for our 17th night of the season. The season started off fast for the first night we opened nets with 11 birds, but had slowed down to many nights with 3 to 5 birds. However on the 2nd of October we reached our […]

Owl Banding Update May 14

Well, it looks like the push of Long-eared Owls that we have experienced over the last month has come to an end. The main push started on April 12 and ended on May 11. During that 30 night period a total of 295 Long-eareds were banded. Additionally, we caught the two that were banded at […]

Record Season for Long-eared Owls

  Although the Northern Saw-whet numbers continue to be low, Long-eared Owls have been banded in record numbers this season keeping us very busy lately. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. In the last 16 nights, we have banded 93 Saw-whets and 189 Long-eared Owls, despite less than ideal weather patterns during this […]