Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, a program of Michigan Audubon - background image


The Mission of WPBO as a program of Michigan Audubon

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory (WPBO) is a program of Michigan Audubon. The mission of WPBO is to document the distribution and abundance of birds in the Great Lakes Region, with special emphasis on migration and habitat. Our research and conservation projects focus on:

  • Assessing the status of bird populations and movements. Our data increases knowledge, encourages public awareness of birds and the environment, and advances bird conservation as part of Michigan Audubon’s mission to connect birds and people for the benefit of both.
  • Habitat protection, stewardship, and restoration work on and around Whitefish Point, with particular emphasis on Jack Pine and Dune and Swale habitats.
  • Monitoring Piping Plovers and provide protection to nesting areas.
Image shows a sunrise at the Whiteifsh Point Bird Observatory. Mission of WPBO. Photo copyright Chris Neri.

WPBO conducts annual migration counts for raptors (spring only), and waterbirds (spring and fall). WPBO has also undertaken an owl banding project for the last three decades, historically occurring in the spring and fall, but that has recently grown to include summer owl banding for juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owls. To Learn more about banding and counts at WPBO, visit our Research page.

You can help support WPBO’s mission. Visit our “Support” page to learn more about the ways you can donate, volunteer, and get involved with WPBO!