Waterbird Count Report – 9/19

Waterbirds have continued to migrate by the point in small numbers with the exception of a flight, although rather small in number, on 9/18. It seems we will miss a large portion of the Red-necked Grebes, Blue-winged Teal, and Common Terns that migrate by the point each fall. The next wave of waterbirds is starting […]

Waterbird Count Report – 9/15

It’s been a very slow September for the waterbird count thus far. Almost all species have been below average, and many below average by a large margin. The one high point has been the number of jaegers we’ve recorded. For the first half of September we’ve had 6 Parasitics, 1 Long-tailed, and 17 unidentified jaegers. […]

The First Week of September

In terms of waterbirds, the first week of September has been rather slow with the exception of one day, the 4th. We had over 1800 Red-necked Grebes and 12 jaegers for the waterbird count. The fun didn’t stop there; a Say’s Phoebe put on a show for 10-15 minutes around the waterbird shack also. The […]

No Migration but a Couple Good Ones

In terms of migration, it’s been a few slow days here at the point. Luckily, a couple good birds have made up for it. On 8/27, 2 Hudsonian Godwits flew by, then circled the point, with about 20 minutes left in the count. Today (8/29) a single Stilt Sandpiper spent about 5 minutes flying around […]

Early Fall Highlights

It’s been a good start to the fall waterbird season. As usual at this time of year, shorebirds, large numbers of Red-necked Grebes, and a few jaegers have been the highlights. The main shorebird highlights have been a very cooperative Red Knot, a couple Whimbrels, and a single Buff-breasted Sandpiper. A 2nd cycle Lesser Black-backed […]

Fall Waterbird Count 2017

The 2017 fall waterbird count kicked off on August 15th. Yet again, it will run through November 15th, rain or shine, starting at sunrise. Hopefully you’ll come out, visit the shack, and see some great birds this fall! Despite the rainy and foggy start to the season, we’ve been able to record a good number […]

Fall 2016 Waterbird Count Summary

The 2016 fall waterbird count was a record breaker! In terms of waterbird species, we broke the previous record of 80, with a season total of 82. In terms of numbers, we had the second highest count with 111,126. The major highlights of the count consisted of Ancient Murrelet, an eider, two Ruddy Ducks, Red […]

The Birds are Leaving

It’s that time of year again; the count ends and the birds leave. Well, maybe there are still some birds hanging on up here. As expected, the waterbird counts were relatively slow throughout the last week and a half of November but the rarities kept the count interesting. We did have a couple of good […]

A Great Start to November

November can be a slow month for waterbird migration here at the point. Luckily, this November has started off quickly with lots of good birds and a good flight. For the point, November is the time for big flights of Bufflehead and Common Goldeneye and also occasional flights of Long-tailed Ducks and Red-breasted Mergansers. Today […]

Heating Up!

It’s been one great October thus far! The waterbird highlights are coming every day or two and the woods are producing some great birds! In terms of duck numbers we have had a couple big aythya, scoter, and Long-tailed Duck days. Today was rather spectacular with over 11000 Long-tailed Ducks migrating past the point. The […]