2017 Fall Waterbird Count Summary

It was another exciting fall season at the point. Waterbird numbers were down through September but a big week in October brought the total number to 109,139 which is the 4th highest total. We ended up totaling 78 species of waterbirds for the season, which is the 3rd highest species total on record. Here is […]

Waterbird Count Report – 11/15

The last week of the count sure was a slow one. Luckily there were some highlights to help pass the time. The only day with any sort of flight that didn’t only involve Long-tailed Ducks was on 11/9. The flight only consisted of 342 birds but 94 Common Mergansers and lesser numbers of Common Goldeneye […]

Waterbird Count Report – 11/8

As with most seasons, the waterbird migration slows down at the start of November. But, since the last report we’ve had one day totaling 4215 (10/1) and all days (except today) totaling over 800 birds. The highlights have been a total of 7 Harlequin Ducks (6 in a single flock on 11/4), a Trumpeter Swan, […]

Waterbird Count Report – 10/30

Each day since the last report has totaled more than a 1000 waterbirds with the peak of 11057 coming on 10/28. A very large majority of that flight consisted of Long-tailed Ducks (9721). The late migrants, Common Goldeneyes and Buffleheads, have started to increase but we should be a couple peak days in the next […]

Waterbird Count Report – 10/25

It’s been a good week in terms of waterbird migration here at the point. Since the last post all but one day has seen more than 1600 birds pass the point. The peak came today with just over 6000 birds recorded. The diversity of waterbirds has been quite good too! 10/24 saw more shorebird species […]

Waterbird Count Report – 10/18

It’s been an exciting week out at the waterbird count! Migration has continued to pick up with peak days close to 3000 on October 14th and 15th. The most numerous species for the count have been Red-breasted Mergansers, White-winged Scoters, Scaup and Redhead, and Long-tailed Ducks. The biggest highlight was a Long-tailed Jaeger that gave […]

Waterbird Count Report – 10/11

Waterbird migration has picked up over the last week. A peak of 5499 waterbirds were counted on 10/5 but respectable daily totals of 4645, 2316, and 2034 have also occurred. The majority of the migrants have consisted of scaup, Redhead, and American Wigeon. Surf Scoters have also had a couple good flights, with a total […]

Waterbird Count Report – 10/4

The waterbird flights have been continuing to be rather slow through late September and early October. The one exception was on September 28 when we had about 4,700 birds migrate by the Point. The large majority of them were aythya species including both scaup, Redhead, and Ring-necked Duck. Red-necked Grebes have also continued making up […]

Waterbird Count Report – 9/25

The waterbird migration has continued to trickle by but that trickle is slowly increasing. Loons, terns, and a mix of duck species have been moving past the Point most mornings. And some birds even continued moving through the afternoon on the 25th. Duck movement has mostly consisted of Scaup and American Wigeon. A few shorebirds […]

Waterbird Count Report – 9/19

Waterbirds have continued to migrate by the Point in small numbers with the exception of a flight, although rather small in number, on 9/18. It seems we will miss a large portion of the Red-necked Grebes, Blue-winged Teal, and Common Terns that migrate by the Point each fall. The next wave of waterbirds is starting […]