Penultimate Stretch

Hello Everyone! Things have been going pretty well from the hawkdeck. On May 19th, we witnessed our largest Broad-winged Hawk kettle so far this season, with 440 birds. We have still been seeing a lot of Red-tailed Hawks and the majority are young birds. There still some of the dark Red-tails around too. Sharp-shinned Hawk […]

Scoter Flights, Morning and Evening

After many days of north winds, a break in the weather a few days ago gave us a big push of migrating waterbirds,  most notably scoters. On May 19, there were 254 White-winged Scoters counted during the morning, almost all before 10 a.m. There were also four Surf Scoters seen early that morning. The last three hours […]

Shorebird diversity picking up

Shorebird diversity at the point has been on the upswing the last few days, with Black-bellied Plover and Short-billed Dowitcher seen flying past the tip on Wednesday, May 11, and Semipalmated Plover and Dunlin spotted on May 12. While these species have already been seen in numbers downstate, it is always special to see them […]

Sharpies and Swainson’s

Hello everyone, We have been having some great days at the hawkwatch, despite still not having a single day with southwest winds. While the winds may not be perfect, we have still been seeing some great overall diversity, with 16 species of raptors passing by in the last week. May 6th was our second largest […]

Red-throated Loons!

May 8 was a great day to experience Red-throated Loon migration at Whitefish Point. Flocks of as many as 12 birds flew by several times, and were observed not only from the waterbird count site, but from the parking lot and the hawk deck! One flock of four that flew over the lakeshore by the […]

Spring Fling

Hello everyone, Thanks for a great Spring Fling. We had a phenomenal turnout with well over 100 visitors on the hawk deck on Saturday and on Sunday.  We were treated to high raptor diversity on both days, with 13 species of raptors on Saturday and an incredible 15 species on Sunday. Those are all of […]

Exciting orange-headed waterbirds cap Spring Fling weekend

On Saturday evening, after enjoying Cameron Cox’s captivating program on identifying waterbirds in flight, and a standout meal at the Spring Fling banquet in Paradise, dozens of birders were treated to the sight of a stunning male Eurasian Wigen found later that  evening at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River. (Thanks to Robert Bochenek for spotting the bird, and to […]

Mid-April Raptors

Hello everyone! After a few days with warm weather, south winds and some great flights, things have quieted down a little. That said, Sharp-shinned Hawks continue to put on a show, with multiple days over triple digits.  We also saw our first Broad-winged Hawks, Osprey and Peregrine Falcons for the hawk deck. The last couple […]

Loon numbers looking up!

This weekend saw an increase in the numbers of both Common and Red-throated Loons at Whitefish Point. On Saturday, April 23, a few lucky visitors witnessed a flock of three Red-throated Loons fly right over the waterbird shack! That day’s loon totals were four Red-throated and six Common. Numbers of both greatly increased on Sunday, April […]

Crazy Crane flights

The first several days of the waterbird count coincided with the biggest Sandhill Crane flights ever recorded at Whitefish Point. After a plague of bad weather that lasted for over two weeks, the cranes took advantage of the powerful warm fronts and migrated in huge flocks to the Point. What was striking to a few […]