Summer Banding Begins

Hello All!  After taking a summer off I’m very excited to be back for my second summer of banding here at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory.  We’ve gotten off to a great start with 98 birds banded so far.  The highlight of occurred on the night of July 9 where we banded 18 adult Saw-Whet.  This […]

Owl Update 5/23/17

If you have been to the owl banding on a busy night, you may have seen us placing Saw-whets or Boreals into one of the huts that we place them in to await their turn for banding. Every once in a while one will break out. The Saw-whet in the top photo, instead just poked […]

Owl Update 5-8-17

We’d like to start off by thanking all of this year’s Spring Fling attendees for their interest & support! Thankfully the owls were cooperative over Spring Fling weekend and many attendees were able to see some of the Long-eareds and Northern Saw-whets we banded that weekend. The nights since our last post have remained productive. […]

Owl Update 4/26/17

     The current weather pattern has really slowed things down the last couple of nights, but prior to that the nights had continued to be productive. Since our last post we have banded 179 owls and recaptured four more previously banded owls. The Northern Saw-whet Owl numbers have, as expected, dropped off since they […]

Owl Update 4/14/17

We mentioned in our last post that the forecast at the time contained both conditions that would keep us from being able to open the nets and conditions that looked very good for migration. The forecast proved true on both counts. Heavy rain on the 9th washed out the entire night and high winds significantly […]

Owl Update 4/7/17

We published our last post halfway through the night of March 31. The owls had been slow for a few nights and had continued to be slow up to that point in the night. We had no reason to believe that would change during the remainder of the night, but it did. The owl migration […]

Owl update 3/31/17

It’s hard to believe, but in less than an hour it will be April. While it still does not feel like spring in the woods at night, winter has definitely begun to loosen its grip at the Point and the owls have become a bit steadier. To date we have banded 65 Northern Saw-whet Owls […]

Spring Owl Banding Beginning

Chris and I are very happy to be back here at WPBO for our 13th and 16th springs, respectively…good grief, that is a long time! Anyway, this year there is quite a bit of snow in the woods, leading us to believe that it is still winter as we click into our skis & snowshoes […]

End of Season

The owl season ended for us here at Whitefish Point on the night of October 30th. Although, I am sure there will be more owls moving through the area, which is pretty frustrating considering on the night of October 29th we ended up catching 4 Boreal owls! That brings the Boreal owl season total up […]

Another Boreal

We had a better stretch of weather the last few nights which led to some better nights of netting. The last two nights treated us to some calm north winds.  We even had a chance to see the stars for the first time in a long time it seemed. The last two nights we were […]