First Long Eared

With only 17 days left in the season it is surprising to be getting two firsts for the season on the same night at this point. On the night of the 11th we caught our first long-eared for the year as well as our first foreign recapture (a bird banded at another banding site) of […]

Slow and steady

The banding season continues to move along at a slow and steady pace as far as owl captures go. As predicted we were shut down by rain and wind for the first time this fall on the night of the 7th. We sat in the banding lab all night waiting for a break in the […]

Bring your umbrella

The first few days of October have produced a good number of owls, despite a few challenges. First, we are in the midst of the harvest moon, a time where we experience the full moon rising shortly after sunset for consecutive nights. This means we are dealing with a full moon for the entire night […]

Season updates

We are dealing with some windy conditions at the Point tonight, making it difficult to get a quality effort in. With a little bit of down time, I had a chance to look into some numbers from past seasons again to see how we are comparing. As of October 2, we are actually still ahead […]

100 Saw-whet milestone

Hey all. It is finally starting to feel like fall around the Point. The temperature has returned to the comfort of the 40s at night, much closer to the average compared to the 70s of just a week ago. We caught our 100th Saw-whet Owl on the night of the 29th — a night in […]

54 Owls In 3 Nights

The owl banding season is beginning to heat up both for captures and temperature. Starting on the night of the 23rd we were able to catch 20 new owls, followed by a night of 18, and then 16. The three night burst increased our season total for Saw-whets to 77, up from the modest 23 […]

Warm nights…5 more owls

The last two nights have produced our two extremes for captures. First, on the night of the 20th we had our lowest total of zero owls, then the next night we tied our highest total of five owls. After the last two nights, our total captures for Saw-whets is now at 21. So far we […]

First Barred Owl

Every field season contains a bit of excitement whenever you capture the first of the season of something. Last night we were able to reel in our first Barred Owl of the fall. Stumbling upon a large Barred Owl in the net is always a bit of a surprise after catching many of the smaller […]

Fall Owl Banding Has Begun

We opened nets for the first night of the season the night of the 14th. It always feels like the first night of the season sets the tone for expectations for the fall. If no owls arrive on the first night it leaves you wondering what the next seven weeks of banding are going to […]

Owl Update August 7, 2017

Since our last post the nights have produced some mixed results, including two nights off due to rain and high winds. The final nights of July continued to be productive and we ended the month with 437 Northern Saw-whets (336 juveniles & 101 adults) and 78 Long-eared Owls banded. We also caught 12 previously banded […]