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Learn about WPBO’s Events, Programs, and Tours

Throughout the year, WPBO hosts a number of programs, presentations, and bird tours. All proceeds from these events help fund research at the Observatory. Attending a WPBO event gives you unprecedented access to the excellent birding at the Point, educational programming by experts, and workshops to increase your skills. Attend one of WPBO’s events today!

Spring Fling

Spring Fling is WPBO’s annual celebration of bird migration. Held every year the last weekend in April, you can expect excellent birding, presentations, and workshops.  

Field Trips

The Birding Michigan Field Trip Series offers birders of all skill levels the opportunity to spend time in the field with experienced leaders in some of Michigan’s best birding “hot spots,” while at the same time supporting the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory’s research and education programs.


Visit our calendar to see all of WPBO’s events.