This year will mark the 30th Annual Spring Fling: WPBO’s Celebration of Bird Migration when members and their guests “migrate” to Paradise, Michigan and the Whitefish Point area to visit with old friends, both human and avian. Many activities are being planned for another refreshing weekend of birding experiences.

We are looking forward to a very special celebration of spring migration this year at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. This year we are excited to mark some important milestones as we prepare to welcome birds and birders back for another spectacular season of birding at the Point, arguably one of Michigan’s most beloved birding destinations. Not only does 2018 mark the 30th anniversary of Spring Fling, but it also marks the 30th spring season of the official owl banding program. In honor of these achievements, our speakers, presentations, tours and other activities will highlight the uniqueness of the Point, celebrate the achievements of the observatory’s past, and explore exciting new developments in its future.


Banquet and Keynote Address

The Owls of Whitefish Point Bird Observatory by Nova Mackentley and Chris Neri


Following a full day of birding bliss at the Point, the annual banquet offers a wonderful opportunity to warm up while enjoying excellent food, good friends old and new, and the opportunity to share great birding escapades from days past or from just hours before.

In celebration of the 30th year of the owl banding program at WPBO, we will welcome Nova Mackentley and Chris Neri as our speakers for the evening. Chris has been banding owls at WPBO since 1999 and Nova since 2005.  After dinner and socializing, they will share an engaging program about the owls of Whitefish Point.


Workshops and Tours

  • Motus Towers in Michigan by Rich Keith
  • Climate Change by Alec Lindsay
  • Botany Walks by Susan Kielb
  • Guided Birds Walks on Whitefish Point Trails
  • Evening Owl Flight at the Hawk Deck

Pre and Post Spring Fling Field Trips

Birding in Paradise

Searching for Spruce Grouse

These field trips are not part of your basic Spring Fling registration, but you can register for them along with your Spring Fling registration, or separately.