Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, a program of Michigan Audubon - background image


Visit WPBO: The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory is open to the public!

WPBO is located at the end of N. Whitefish Point Road, 11 miles north of Paradise, Michigan. The WPBO building is small and white, and is located across the parking lot from the Shipwreck Museum and lighthouse. See the map below. During count seasons, the hawk deck and waterbird shack are open to visitors.

What should you pack?

The weather at Whitefish Point is highly variable. Winter-like conditions normally end in early May and begin in mid-October. When winds shift to the north and west, coming off Lake Superior, the Point is decidedly cold, even in August. It is advisable to bring warm clothing during all seasons. In addition, from mid-May through September insects may pose a problem. Visitors should bring insect repellent during these times particularly if birding in the woods. Wind and sun can be a challenge while birding on the beach or dunes. Sunblock and sunglasses are recommended during all seasons

*Please note that dogs are only allowed on the Point when they are leashed at all times!*

WPBO Gift shop

By making purchases from the Owl’s Roost Online gift shop, you are supporting the research and education efforts of the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. Visit the shop at Whitefish Point for a wide selection of books, apparel, and nature-related gifts.

Image shows the lighthouse at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, framed by pine trees and covered in snow. Photo © Nova Mackentley.

What birds will you see seasonally?

The chronology of migration at the Point is as dynamic as the weather. Through the seasons, over 340 species can be spotted migrating through or at the Point. Read the full description below.

Observation Opportunities at Whitefish Point: A Birder’s Guide to WPBO Seasons by Skye Haas