Hello all:

We are finally getting our blog access up and running here at the Point and thought we would give you all an update on our season so far.  I’m not gonna lie, this season has been one of weather.  We opened on the night of September 14th and since then we have been closed 12 out of the last 29 days due to weather.  In total, we have been able to band 43 owls (39 Northern Saw-Whet Owls, 2 Long-earred Owls, and 2 Barred Owls).  These numbers are low for us during this time of the year.  We’re hoping to eventually get a break in the weather pattern and get some birds coming through.  Also, the weather has led to a lot of flooding in and around the point.  If you’re coming up to visit I would highly recommend a good pair of rubber boots.

Flooding under one our nets from all the rain we’ve had this week.

Random snow storm that popped up last night

On September 19, we had the privilege of banding an American Woodcock right at opening.  It’s always a treat to see these funny looking birds.

Profile of the American Woodcock we caught and banded on September 19.

If you are coming to visit, Chris Neri (our resident owl expert) does an owl program on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7:45 p.m.  This program is super informative about the work that’s being done here at the point and owls in general.  We may even catch an owl for you to see (although we don’t guarantee it).  Also keep in mind visiting hours are Friday and Saturday evening from dusk to midnight.  Send good weather vibes our way and maybe we’ll see you at an owl program in the near future!  As always, I’ll leave you with some photos of the owls.

2 Northern Saw-Whet Owls from early in the season. These guys were still molting out of their juvenile plumage and into their adult plumage

Our first Barred Owl. This one is from the night of September 26

Long-earred Owl from the night of September 15.

-Tori Steely and Ceeanna Zulla