Red-winged Blackbird – American Goldfinch – Close Bald Eagle Encounter

There is something truly magical about cresting a hill and seeing an adult Bald Eagle flying directly towards me over the frozen lake. As someone who grew up in a suburban/urban area and hadn’t seen a wild, free flying eagle until I was 20 and transferred to a small college in northern Wisconsin, I’ll never quite get over the awe of seeing one, not even now when I’ve since seen hundreds. This particular encounter at Whitefish Point, however, was one I will not soon forget.

Beyond the outstanding eagle encounter, the first Red-winged Blackbird made it to the Point the morning of the 25 and were detected again on the 26. American Goldfinch were seen from the hawk deck on the 24, marking their arrival to the whitefish peninsula. Here’s hoping more migrants continue to show in the coming days and weeks as winter wanes in the northwoods.

– Charlotte R. Catalano, WPBO Field Ornithologist

Photo: A close encounter with a Bald Eagle coming off the lake during the passerine survey on March 23. Photo by Charlotte R. Catalano