Well, we’ve been going through a period when the nights have been fairly productive, but we keep on waiting for things to open up a bit, which they have yet to do. Northern Saw-whets continue to move through in relatively small numbers and the Long-eareds have started to become a bit more regular. To date, we have banded 168 Saw-whets, 16 Long-eareds and recaptured 12 previously banded Saw-whets. The weather patterns have not been great, but there have been a few nights with weather conditions that had us hopeful, but unfortunately they failed to produce any real push of owl migration. Hopefully the frontal systems will become more conducive to northward migration in the near future, providing us with a better sense of what the rest of the season might have in store for us.

A side view of the feathers that make up a Long-eared’s ear tuft.


A feather from this Long-eared’s last meal was stuck to one of its talons (upper right talon).


A front and rear view of an American Woodcock’s eyes. They have better binocular vision to the rear than they do to the front.


Chris Neri & Nova Mackentley