Hello all:

Our first week of fall banding is under our belts.  I’m super excited to be back for another season.  My banding partner this year is Zach Wilkinson.  He’s originally from Avon, CO and has spent the past four years out in CA working on a spotted owl banding project.


Zach after banding his first Northern Saw-Whet Owl.

As of tonight, we are up to 6 Northern Saw-Whet Owls for the season.  It has been a slow trickle, but we’re hoping this means that means they haven’t really started moving yet.  Also, the consistent south winds we have been dealing with maybe having an effect on their movement.  Hopefully, they will begin to pick up over the coming weeks.

First Northern Saw-whet Owl of the season.

On the night of September 20, we were lucky enough to catch a Northern Saw-whet Owl still in juvenile plumage.  Although these guys are the target of the summer banding project, the ones we usually catch in the fall are a lot farther along in their molt and so we don’t always get to see them in this plumage.

Tori holding a Northern Saw-whet Owl in almost full juvenile plumage.


Juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owl.

The herps have also kept us entertained at night.  Although they make walking the trails a little difficult and it has made for some careful stepping on our part.

Blue-Spotted Salamader

Eastern Newt


Finally, we had a clear night 2 nights ago and the stars put on quite the show.


As always, visiting hours are Friday and Saturday night between dusk and midnight weather permitting.  Come say hello if you are in the area maybe we’ll even catch an owl or two for you to observe.

-Tori Steely & Zach Wilkinson