Hello all:

We had some storms come through this week.  While the wind and rain kept us closed on the 21st and 24th, the storms did bring west winds with them.  These winds were a pleasant change from the south winds we had been experiencing.

Along with the west winds, we also had a small push of 4 birds on the night of 23rd.  All of these birds ended up being after second year females which means they were born at least 3 years ago.

ASY Female from the night of 9/23/19.

In our second check of the nets tonight, we got our first recapture of the season.  This hatch year female was originally banded on 8/18/19 here at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory by Hannah, the assistant summer bander.  Interestingly, it was actually the last bird banded during the summer banding season.  It’s always fun when we get recaptured birds and who knows maybe Chris and Nova will recapture it again next spring as it makes its way back north.

Hatch year female originally banded at WPBO on 8/18/19.

If you are planning to visit the banding lab this weekend, the weather tomorrow night looks like an interesting mix of potential rain and high winds.  As of right now, Saturday night looks okay weather wise.  Visiting hours are Friday and Saturday night dusk to midnight 🙂

Season totals:

Northern Saw-whet Owls: 12


-Tori Steely & Zach Wilkinson